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What Is Future Horizons?

FutureHorizons.AI was born out of the Vision Creative Innovation Hub based in Dublin, Ireland and a collaboration with some of the leading thought leaders in their field. Our aim is to create an exciting and truly informative space to examine Artificial Intelligence and the impact it will have on industries going forward. At its core is an educational experience for professionals and to deliver meaningful and thought-provoking Continued Professional Development (CPD).

We understand the important need for busy professionals to stay up to date with the fast pace of change brought about by emerging technology within their profession and that this is primarily done through CPD. As such our aim is to share our conference platform with the very best thought leaders in the area and provide you with excellent world-leading CPD to choose from.

By choosing to attend, we will provide you with in-depth details on all the latest in AI developments and how to best take advantage of these specially designed tools made just for your sector.

Our entire programme is designed to provide you with quality CPD that is claimable against your profession’s annual required CPD.

We invite you and your colleagues to join us in fully examining how AI can securely be harnessed into your professional practice.

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