March 15, 2024 — The Shelbourne

Securing Tomorrow: Navigating Cybersecurity for Organisational Resilience

Future Horizon’s upcoming event is a breakfast meeting at the Shelbourne Hotel on March the 15th with keynote speaker Sir Alex Younger, the former longest-serving head of MI6. Sir Alex will discuss the macro geo-political environment of cyber security globally.

He will provide an analysis of rogue states’ historical attacks and their capabilities, discuss their current and ever-evolving methods, their strategic goals and the specific security implications for Ireland, the US and Europe.

The panel discussion will focus on lessons learned and their implications for both private and governmental organisations.

The event will be an opportunity to network with some of the world’s most important minds in cyber security.

Why Future Horizons?

Future Horizons is a training and events company, established by Vision Creative Studios Innovation Hub.

Its model is focused on creating exciting and engaging events that rethink how professional services receive CPD training.

Its initial series of events will focus on cutting-edge technology such as AI and cyber security. As technology in the fields of AI and cyber security develops at an alarming pace CPD training needs to be aligned to stay relevant.

Future Horizons events engage with the world’s foremost thought leaders in industry and academia to deliver true and meaningful insights into how organisations can prepare and prioritise their future infrastructure and organisational processes.

Our Dublin event is designed to fulfil your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. A total of 20 CPD points will be made available.

Each jurisdiction and profession has its own requirements with respect to CPD and we recommend that you liaise with your professional body to satisfy your own particular needs. We are confident that the subject matter being offered will be of interest to you in your professional practice.

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Two leading international security experts discuss the cyber threat implications of AI and the latest developments to protect against cyberattacks.

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